Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frustrations and Updatings!

Ajaksnsdknfdsklfnskldjffkkkkkkakakakak...orz... I haven't been good about posting have I? Well, I could explain but I am trying to make a negativity free zone in my life for the most part. However, I will say that I am really sad with a community that I am (was?) in online has forgotten me in it's move to it's own site and it hurt. I don't know what to do with my characters that I had there and you may see them eventually here. I will also say as far as real life high school class mates and teachers go, my patience is wearing and shaking. But that is about it. I need to fix up some parts in my life. That is all.

 Now enough of that, as far as this baby blog and you all go, I am making a few changes and I need some advice from the more blog experienced souls following me. I need to set some subjects and features for my blog, something that people will want to read if they ever come by this little hole. Here are my ideas...

Art - Come on? You know I love arts and crafts. I am going to try and post more art and collages as well as some new things if I get the chance.
Film - I would love to do film reviews and movie related stuff every couple of weeks. Mainly inspired by one of my favorite blogs; La Vida Frills. She is awesome. Nuff' said.
Pets - I love to talk about animals and animal related things, especially those animals that manage to be our companions.
Fashion and Lifestyle - Festivals, Lolita, LARP, Cosplay, Decora, Wicca, Hot Topic Stuff, Media, Food, and all of those special things that make life fun, and make me want to spend hours researching. I'd want to put those to good use yes?

Any other suggestions? Tips? Problems? HALP?!?!? I want to grow a bit more into this blog, but to do that, I need people to want to read it. I am also going to change up the design a bit, but I don't know what I want it to look like yet...emphasis on yet.

Well, now I feel I must depart for a heaping plate of Chinese food. Ado


  1. Well I for one love your Art Idea--Me being one of those artsy fartsy people! I also like your pet idea. You can work your fashion and Lifestyle in with the Art. I think You have a bunch of great ideas! If you read books or magazines you can always do mini reviews and Arts and crafts people love to see what someone creates out of Magazine how tos....

  2. Yes you have some great ideas and I want you to roll with them. The blog looks great and I can't wait to see more!


  3. Hi Shelby. I can't believe I didn't have your blog posted on my blog. It will be there now. For me, the old witch of the west, good in so many ways, but sight, could you please make your font bigger? LOL. I swear my eyes are going fast. I can hardly see your beautiful words. Thanks.
    The next thing is, don't get to structured, or put time frames on your blog. Go with the flow of how your are feeling. Your feelings are part of who you are and that is what we want to see, you. All of your topics are wonderful. Think about doing some interviews with artists, or film and fashion folk. Remember the best writers write about what they know.
    OK, so do I sound like your mom yet??? LOL
    So far your blog look great and I will be back at every post.
    Your friend