Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas at Home

Can I just say, this is one of the best Xmases I have ever had. It was simple and fun, not at all boreing or nausiating. I LOVED my presents! I got:

~A New Laptop which I was not exspecting at all. Wow. Just wow. I love this bugger. It is a nice espresso color and it works like no other. I love it so much I rhymed. LOL!
~Tarot: The Complete Kit wich is a nice, small sized tarot deck to replace my other set.
~Massage Ball
~A Snowflake bracelet from my mom by my mom. Love it!
~Boot Slippers that are furry and adorable.
~A Hot Topic Hoodie
~A Care Package from my grandmother which was so sweet and so nice. Cozzy Black Socks, Fuzzy Gray Socks, and French Vanilla Hot Coco! I love care packages.
~Fuzzy Purple Gloves
~Beauty and the Beast Collecters Edition = LOVE!
~A Chococat Tee, I love Hello Kitty.
~A nice long sleeve shirt.
~Interview with a Vampire

We also went shopping today! I got a new fan for my computer as well as my first Blue Ray DVD because my new lappy has a Blue Ray player. I also bought stuff from Hot Topic;

~Hello Kitty Classic Ring
~Wolf Shaped Ear Muffs
~A Plushie Bat Key Chain
~Dangly Bear Earrings
~Skull Bow Hair Clips

Yepper! I got spoiled! I am a pirate of Xmas (because presents ARRRR fun me harties!) The only bad thing was was that I couldn't make Gloomy Bears for the friends I miss so much. I was going to, but I wouldn't be able to ship them. And I would not have the clay to make them either. Maybe next year. However, my mom loved her gift which was a gift card for Tee Shirts (she has a fetish), some small cabs, and a bead in the shape of one of her favorite animals.

Well, I just wanted to make note of how great this year's holiday was and that I hope you all had a nice Xmas too! Goodnight and Ado!


  1. Wow--the laptop sounds amazing--espresso colored? Sounds Awesome. Santa was good to you!

  2. Yeah, I guess I actually was a good girl this year xDDD