Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun Clay

Oh my gods someone get me some IRISH CREAM! @_@ I woke up this morning feeling very ill, but I still went to school. Thank gods that the school has coffee and Irish Cream Creamer. Though, I would love to have had the mix that one of my guy friends came up with which was Coffee, a tiny bit of Baily's, French Vanilla Creamer, and Sugar. Yummy! I only had a itty bitty sip so I was a good girl. xD
Anywho, I have been working on a lot of clay stuff in school. We are working on a Japanese related dinner set basically. We are to make a set of small sushi plates, some tea ceremony tea bowls, and an ikibanna vase. I have my plates and bowls made and they are ready to be glazed!
This is the white clay I used to create one of my four plates. Yes that is my chubby tiny hand.

 This is what it looks like after it is fired! Pretty yes?
 This is Mocha Clay, which I love. Such a pretty caramel color when it is fired. I ought to get a picture of that when I get the chance. But this is the general shape of the tea bowls...

These just got fired today, so I will get a picture of them before I put the glazes on. They are so fun to hold. They are like little hard pillows for teh hands, yes!
Well, that is all I have for you today, sorry that it is not much but still. Until next time, ado.
Luffs ~ Shelby

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I haven't been very good about posting have I? Well, I have many reasons for that. For one, a bunch of my friends left for college and I went through a senior crisis of my own to deal with. Long story short, I am so unsure about what life holds for me. I have dreams and aspirations pulling me in all sorts of directions, it bothers me that I am not more prepared for my high school senior year (which started last week) and even college. Well, enough of that drama. I am trying to work on locating and getting back in touch with those friends that left. I am actually going to be going to a Halloween party with a couple of them! Yay!

Besides that, I am starting my art projects, so most projects that I started in the summer are on hold whilst I do the fun stuff. I hope I will be able to start updating my blog a bit more. <3