Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I haven't been very good about posting have I? Well, I have many reasons for that. For one, a bunch of my friends left for college and I went through a senior crisis of my own to deal with. Long story short, I am so unsure about what life holds for me. I have dreams and aspirations pulling me in all sorts of directions, it bothers me that I am not more prepared for my high school senior year (which started last week) and even college. Well, enough of that drama. I am trying to work on locating and getting back in touch with those friends that left. I am actually going to be going to a Halloween party with a couple of them! Yay!

Besides that, I am starting my art projects, so most projects that I started in the summer are on hold whilst I do the fun stuff. I hope I will be able to start updating my blog a bit more. <3

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