Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rawr Moments

Good Day Everyone (though no one is even following me yet buuuuuuuut whatever.) I woke up early this morning, which was nice considering I was in a very poor sleep mode. My cat was the one who had the brilliant idea to wake me by jumping up on my desk. I tiredly placed her onto my bed and went about my business. But, why, might I ask, does my lard of a cat hog my bed?
Anywho, I escaped into my room after my brother had a fit because I was sitting in a chair. I am sorry, I did not know your name was written on that chair, midget. So after that rawr moment, I sat down at my desk and started to work on something to calm my nerves - and procrastinate from working on my load of Lit. homework - which just so happened to be a new piece of maille. So, I am sitting at my desk with my favorite tutorial site up and running, trying to figure out what style I want to learn. I have been trying to avoid this one style because of how insanely difficult it is and because of how many times I have tried and failed to do it (I lost track at five). So I found a really pretty one and started to work on it. I messed up so I had to take it all apart and start again. I started it and messed up AGAIN. I threw it on my desk and tapped it once, which is how I usually take out my anger on the little chainmail. After I did, I saw that I had made that all to familiar, evil, and allusive weave. DOOM!!! Leave it to me to try and do one thing, make a mistake, and somehow manage to pull something much harder off. It is not done yet but I think I have figured it out...but grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Once that is done I will be sure to show you all -if anyone is even watching because I am pretty much talking to myself for now- but still. See you all later!

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