Friday, December 17, 2010

A Rare Excitement?

I'll be honest, I dislike Xmas with a passion. So it is weird that I have found myself excited for this dreaded holiday. But then again, I will be without the stressful rich side of the family this year, so it will be like the old days almost. Just me, mom, dad, brother, kitty, and grandparents. Gotta love the nostalgia.

 The only thing that could make the human aspect of this holiday better this year would to be able to get together with friends on Xmas Eve. However, I have nothing to throw an amazing party with. So I decided to make an etsy treasury in powerpoint (because etsy doesn't work well on my computer.) I also added a couple pictures on the side to keep up with the party theme. Gods, If only my friends were closer and if I had the drive to meet up with them (due to my low self confidence lately and my hate for the people I see every day.)

Buuuuut then I decided I didn't like it. So I went and added a couple of the pictures to another collage that you'll see soon, if I like it.

Aside from the Xmas stuff, I have been working a lot more with polymer clay. I have to say, it is a lot more fun than the natural clay (only because I don't have my art teacher scolding me all the time maybe.) I recently decided to make a polymer clay Gloomy Bear! It is crude, but adorable non the less. I have to say, whatever was keeping me from doing art is subsiding.

I will be putting up a picture of what my gloomys look like after they are fired. I want to do a couple more colors. So far, I have a blue one.

Well, that's all for today I think. Oh wait, I want coffee. Annnnd my art teacher annoys me. Annnnnd...Okay, now that's it, ado!


  1. You are way too funny Kiddo! I am glad you are looking forward to the holiday!


  2. Now , see I think Xmas with you and your mom would be wonderful. Since my grandmother passed xmas is just not the same for me. She was the one who got everyone in the spirit. I look forward to seeing your Gloomy Bear! Happy Holidays Shelby!

  3. Sooooo I am with you. I think xmas is a horrible time of year and day. I have not celebrated for 36 years. It took time for people to understand this and NOT give my presents. With that said... I do treat it as a time of remembering. It could be people, time, or even space. A time of remembering what I did all year. A time of forgiving, others and myself. I keep a white candle light all xmas day. The one thing that I can tell you is to really cherish this time with your family. Make it a remember day for next year.
    Hugs Shelby