Friday, December 24, 2010

Gotta Love Gloomy Bear

Come on, you know you love that little homicidal bear! I do! Though he is often covered with blood he is still all kinds of adorable. That is why I couldn't help but try my hand at polymer clay Gloomy Bears when I saw some on Etsy.

Here are some pictures of Gloomy from Google.

And here are what my polymer Gloomy Bears look like. They are quite crude for Gloomy, but I think they are adorable nonetheless. LOVE THEM! >:D

It would be so awesome if I could do chainmail with these hanging off of it. Well, that's all I have about Gloomy (........................................today). For now, Ado! 

P.S. Remember that online community I was in? Well, I'm back INNNN!!! I am very happy! <3


  1. Those are as cute as can be-- I can see one hanging from The rear view mirror or something. Love them!

  2. I know right? I really enjoy making them! Thank you! <3 <3