Friday, December 31, 2010

Red Sky at Night Outfit

"Red Sky at morning, sailors take warning
Red Sky at night, sailors delight"

So I was reading one of my new favorite blogs; Kalamari Kastle, and I came across a post that made me very jealous of the writer. This blog focuses on the Japanese subcultures (mainly Lolita it seems) and things relating to them such as events, stores, and products. But this is one of my most favorite post by them.

Here is is --> Clicku.

This was an event held by the San Fransisco branch of Baby the Stars Shine Bright (a major Lolita brand/store in Japan) for their sub brand Alice and Pirates. Now, I wasn't too big on the Alice and Pirates brand because I was looking more at the sweet lolita things. However, after I saw that post, I HAD and I mean HAD to make a outfit collage for it. Now, I have fallen in love with A&P because of its wonderful Disney themes and general awesomness. However, even with Etsy and Baby sites, it is really hard to find things inspired by your favorite Disneys that arn't tacky, unless your someone who likes Snow White. Personally, my favorites are Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast (and Imma going to have to watch it now, rawr), and Balto. Not easy to find those sometimes (aside from Pirates of the Caribbean, which is sometimes quite easy!) This is what I came up with (sticking to mostly Baby)

Top :: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Skirt :: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes :: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Clover Earrings :: Fanplusfriend
Ring, Tail Bag, Hat, Rings :: Etsy

I like how it looks like it would not be hard to wear yet it still fits the frillyness of the party as seen in the Kalamari Kastle post.

Oh and by the way; HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am looking forward to Chinese Food (which I think I ate too much of...), A Knight's Tale, and staying up doing art or browsing the internets for ideas. My resolutions are;

-Be a better friend to those that matter, and make new friends. I need a change from the fustration of not being able to be the friend I need to be and not finding people worth being friends to, besides the friends I rarely see who do matter to me.
-Make a routine for bloggy things. I have been in and out of my muse and that needs to also change. Also make time to reply to messages that are left to me. <3
-Find more things to do so I am not bored or sad as much as I normally am.
-Be a better daughter.
-Staying away from negativity. It is eating me ALIVE! D:

I hope you all are having a great New Years Eve! Ado!


  1. Hey Shelby. I love this post. Why? Because I love street fashion. I have for years now. If I was a bit younger. LOL I WOULD BE the American street fashion queen. When I was in Japan last year I was able to see street fashion first hand. It is beyond fabulous. I think what I like best is that it is an acceptable fashion in Japan and even high fashion. There are magazines in Japan that are just like 17 here with all the best street fashion ever. The best one or at least the one I like is FRUiTS. Google it. You will love it.
    Thanks for sharing and writing this post.
    You have the best New Year, give you mom a hug, your dad a kiss, and read a story to your little brother.


  2. I agree with Nicole! Awesome post. You brought tings to my attention that I would not have otherwise noticed. I LOVE street fashion. Those Boots and that Top ROCK-- Love them. Have a Fantastic New year without Boredom and sadness!

  3. (sorry this is really late)
    @ Lori :: Thank you so much and I know right!? So awesome! I hope you have a fantastic New Year too! <3