Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dream Lolita Outfit............s...

So La Vida Frills has this contest, I was not sure if I should enter or not because I am only an upcoming Loli, but I sat down at my computer and came up with two outfits that would fit me and I would SOSOSOSOSO wear! Though, lacking in any sort of Lolita clothes and accessories, makes it hard for me not to get attached to the idea of actually owning one of these outfits. But anyway, I want to display them on here before I enter the contest (which will be like three minutes from now.)

Well, through a couple months of research, I have learned that if I do become a half or full Lolita, I would defiantly turn to Sweet and Punk Lolita. At first, I was going to go for a Gothic/Sweet style, but it always seems to come out more Sweet than Gothic. I have found myself in love with that style for its way of emulating who I am and what I love. Here is the dream outfit for Sweet Lolita!

This outfit basically brings my favorite little things from when I was young. I loved Disney movies when I was a kid and still love them to this day. I also find plush totally squee worthy! I love festivals and malls, especially those ones that still have to GOREGIOUS carousels, hence the headpiece. Clovers too are a symbol of another thing I love, the United Kingdoms and Ireland! I would love to go there one day!
`Dress, Top, Alice Bow, and Bunny: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
`Earrings: Fanplusfriend
`Cat Plush: Emily le Strange
`Bear: Angelic Pretty
`Shoes: Unknown...sorry
`Carousel: Yurapockylover on Etsy

The second outfit is a Sweet/Punk Lolita mix. This is a more modern version of me in an outfit. I love media (be it movies, food, brands, art, music, festivals, and so on)! I love it as a hobby and an obsession nowadays. I also have rediscovered my love for Wonka Brand Candies and discovered a love for Hello Kitty. I also have found a soft spot for monsters of all levels of cuteness, found two sushi types that I want to try, as well as rekindling my love for the Renaissance, hence the puffy collared shirt.
`Blouse, Jacket: Fanplusfriend
`Skirt: Oniwitch on Deviant Art
`Monster Ring: Unknown on Deviant Art
`Hello Kitty Ring, Belt: Hot Topic
`Shoes: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
`Kappa Maki Plush: Cornstarch on Etsy
`Tamango Earrings: YuraPockylover on Etsy
`Chocolate River Pendent: artyscapes on Etsy

I am really excited to see who wins this contest and what they win, La Vida Frills is a very interesting blog to read if your new to Lolita fashion like me. Ado for now!

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