Friday, October 8, 2010

Lolita and Cosplay Dreams

I would love to slam costumes and outfits like these into my closet! I am that type of girl, you know? I love looking at cosplayers and lolitas. I those are really FULL OF EPIC WIN! So, now, I am thinking that I want to start doing it. I was, and still am, a hoodie and jeans lass who loves cute and sometimes creepy accessories as well as my past Halloween costumes of which I use bits and pieces of when I want to. I love feeling like I am beautiful and that everyone is watching, maybe because in my High School, I don’t get that. I know I am not the prettiest person ever, but I love it when I feel like it. I also love it when I can be with my friends and feel like I belong, which sometimes I don’t. But these are things I can find in these worlds so to speak. I need to be a part of it for real this time. I have been going to conventions for a while now, and have only worn simple things, so my goal is to have SOMETHING to wear there this year. Think of it as a debut, yes?

Any Lolitas and/or Cosplayers who can offer advice would be AMAZING!! I may not start making stuff until the winter but I want to flesh out some details. I am not to savvy on the mangas because I more go to the conventions for the art, skits, and such that make them entertaining.

Possible Character Cosplay’s
`Kunogi Himawari and Pipe Fox from xxxHolic: I don’t know her character very well, but I would like to have at least one manga subject to work with aside from Beast. I don’t know much about the manga, because I am looking her up for costume purposes. I like her character so
I may use it.
`Anna from Van Helsing: I LOVE this movie and I like this character. I would totally attempt a cosplay of her, but I have one question; Would this be okay to wear at conventions? It is from a movie and not from a manga, but I have heard of people doing something similar if my memory is correct. I, again, very much enjoy her character and could fit the look well I think. This movie is one of my favorite flicks ever so I might do it anyway, even if no one will know who she is.
`Belle from Beauty and the Beast: This movie is love, nuff said. Disney works for conventions too, yes?
`Dark Elf/Drow: I’ve seen these around the internet for cosplays. I am familiar with this fantasy race through reading books and seeing other media where they are presented.
`Beast from Kuroshitsuji: I have had experience playing a circus character of my own through roleplay, and I have seen other characters from this anime at conventions. I could very well fit her looks too, though I am short and freckled. Though I would be wearing the outfit with a coat and scarf. I don’t want to be THAT exposed. I don’t know much else about the series, I have only read up on her for costume purposes. I like her concept a lot.

`I will be going for a Sweet/Gothic style before I do any others. I think I have a few favorites that I will be bouncing between because I can not stay in one style when it comes to fashion.

I will also be doing some werewolf and or zombie costumes if I can find an event to wear them too. I also need to find people who I can do these things with...but anyway. This was a completely random entry by yours truely, so for now, ado!
Luffs~ Shelby

Note: The images used in the collage were from DeviantART or Google Images, these images belong to their rightful owners and this collage was for nothing more than play. Respect their rights, please, or I will find you and hunt you down in your dreams. Be afraid.

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