Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Follow Up!

Oh my, I don't feel good. I am not sure if I am physically ill or if I am just feeling worn and my mind is making me sick. Either way, I haven't been feeling good for a couple of weeks. It is making me sad, I don't like negativity in my life if I do not willingly cause it. On the bright side, I have moneys! You know what that means? SHOPPING! Well, when I get some time off of work at least. I am thinking of going off to Hot Topic, the outdoor market in my town, and my teacher's mom's shop. Asian stuff is win.
Anywho, my plates are glazed, fired and finished, and my tea bowls will soon follow. However, it will take me a few days to get those pictures, since I found out some of my stuff may be going to show.
Work and shopping tomorrow, then I will have lots lots lots to show anyone willing to listen on the weekend! Until then, I bid you ado.
Luffs~ Shelby

EDIT:: I can not get the pictures on right away, I may try getting them on tomorrow (October 9th), but I do have to work tomorrow as well. Fun fun. ): It is too bad that I like the money so much lol.


  1. Oh my sweet girl you will feel better soon. It is those dreary days and cloudy skies that are bringing you down. And Shopping is always great therapy!!!! Keep that job!

    Hugs and Blessings