Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well, that didn't work.

That has been my saying lately...here is why. You can skip this post if you want. Believe me, it's boring!

One, I tried to write a whole post devoted to my birthday. But my birthday is coming sooner than I thought. It's next week and I still don't have a good enough idea for s post. So, fail on that part. I might have to go into work that day anyway because I forgot to ask for it off. (Yeah, I really like spending my birthday at a burger shack taking orders from people who really should stop eating that kind of food or who are just overly annoying and think they know how to do my job. Oh yea, great birthday party there! *sarcastic voice*)

Two; I've had to deal with some drama that was stupid and immature. I knew I shouldn't get so mad about it but logic of coarse failed me. The more I thought about it the more angry I got. So, I have officially concluded that I am done trying to get along with people in my school. I'll save my energy for my friends that I talk to online and college.

Three; SNOW?! I HAS NONE! D: So much for the storm of the century or something like that. I still got a free snow day. My inspiration came, which was nice, but it only lasted an hour. D:

Four; I should have been in a printmaking class this semester but because of the way my schedule is set up, I can't be in it. Which means I am stuck in a class where me and my art teacher clash. BADLY! So I may ask him if I can do print making during this class, or I may spring a TON of jewelry making projects on him so he doesn't have to tell me what to do. What do you think?

I'm so stuck, but I shall bid you ado for now.


  1. LOL-- Well you know me-- I say Spring a Ton Of Jewelry making projects on him!! :)
    You know even when you get much older you are going to have to deal with stupid and immature drama..And of course the longer you think about it the madder you'll get--At least you are mature enough to know that that's whats happening.. I have a even temper--As long as nobody's pissing me off..LOL! Seriously? You have no snow? What up with that?

  2. I agree with Lori
    Hey I emailed you. You are my monthly comment contest winner! Congratulations! I need you to email me with your address.

  3. Hi Shelby, nice to meet you, I am a friend of Nicole's, and by reading your profile I must say you would probably get along well with my son (24) though right now he is being a monumental ass and we aren't speaking.
    His interests for the most part are the same as yours.

    First congrats on winning Nicole's contest, She is such a sweetheart, isn't she? I wish i lived closer so she could tech me some beading. I buy beads from her but to use in other art forms, LOL.

    Anyway, I'm Susan and live at the New Jersey shore, and you are welcome to the next snow storm we get...we've had too much already.
    I have been an artist in form or another all my life, my original major in jr. college was art, however between seeing the work of the other kids in my classes and having a rotten, mean- tempered overly-critical teacher in my basic drawing class. I dropped. (I was actually double majoring in art and psychology as I wanted to be an art therapist) well marriage and a daughter, divorce and remarriage and 2 more kids(son and daughter) changed my plans and I nickled and dimed my way through psych and pre-nursing classes til a car accident wrecked my knees, then I went into Medical imaging, got a BS worked in my field for 5 years before an OTJI caused me to be disabled. so now I am revisiting my roots of art. all along I have done some crafty arts (I was a GS leader for many years and our council's crafts trainer) and I do paper crafts. NOW I am learning mixed media etc. and I have even begun to attempt jewelry.

    Stop by my blog for OWOH #209 on the list.
    (Pieces of Fate)