Friday, February 11, 2011

Bifday and a New Feature!

I don't want to linger too long on the subject of my birthday so I shall sum it up!

The Good Part 1: I got A LOT of polymer clay stuff in the mail from my grandmother. She almost made me cry which was nice because I have been frustrated with family problems lately (mostly around my spoiled cousins). But anyway, she was FANTASTIC! See, See! I AM her favorite! I also got a wonderful box of chocolates, and when I say wonderful, I mean it had my FAVORITE chocolates in it. Aside from the coconut one. I also got a big Hershy kiss and bracelet (which were for Valentine's Day, but whatever. X3)

The Good Part 2: Didn't have to work because my mom called in and said I had a migraine. I went to a chinese bistro for dinner and got tickets to see Lord of the Dance. I also got a flower arragement from my aunt that was in the shape of a birthday cake. It was wonderful. We also watched hook and had Key Lime Cake.

The Bad: I might get in trouble because the phone (we called on a cell phone) was still on and they could have heard my mom and I talking (loudly) and my estatic Yay. If I get in trouble for this I am going to cry... Even though I did actually have a headache and still did even after dinner. Especially since when I got my cake, my grandmother seemed miffed at me. Come to find out she was mad at me for not calling my aunt about the beautiful flower arragement, when I told her myself that I had sent her a text about it. WTF? Thats like saying I lied. Ontop of that I had to deal with evil people at school...

IN OTHER NEWS! I have a new feature coming your way called "Inspired." It is about things that inspire me that I have found in my cyber or other travels. I will provide a collage of pictures from the subject, my thoughts, and an Etsy based collage of sorts, as well as a question or two for you my Lovely Readers! <3 (Oh and just so you know, that feature is why I have not written much of anything. xD)

That is all I have for you today, ado!

P.S. And I almost forgot, I might be spamming your notices soon (being some point in the next few weeks) with double posts if I can, Sorry! I have a  lot of new things to show off! <3


  1. It sounds to me like you had an awesome Birthday.
    I can't believe your workplace scheduled you to work on your Birthday..That is sinister in itself. Shame on them! Hope they didn't catch Your Yay!on the phone.. Your new feature sounds enticing!

  2. I meant to call you yesterday, but I'm almost old and forgetful. :P

    Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

  3. So happy to find your blog today - love your sense of humor! :-)
    Thanks for visiting mine and your sweet comments.