Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shelby's Film Fest :: ROBIN HOOD (2010)

The newest Robin Hood related film, with Robin being played by Russel Crowe is a very new take on the old legend. An archer in the Crusades, under the comand of King Richard "The Lionheart", he finds himself running for his life after the death of the king in battle. When he swears to return to England with something of value, he finds himself facing his past for the first time.

The Actors: Russel Crowe played the part of Robin Hood very well, though the acting resembled the acting he did for his character in the movie Gladiator. Cate Blanchett was fantastic though!! She added a more rough and less perfect face to the character of Marian. Though she was quiet for some parts of the movie, her satirical and moodiness added more to the story than normal words could have in this case. Also, Robin's friends there were absolutely adorable and hysterical. Friar Tuck was a lot different in this story. He was more calm, funny, and philosophical. 

The Story: The story was really slow and jumbled up at first but as more characters and depth were added to the story, it became much more exciting.

The Music: The music is really sweet and has a Celtic ring to it (which makes me very happy.) There is also one character who plays a small instument and even sings. It is quite awesome and funny.

The Good: Fantastic story and twists! It was very different from the other versions of Robin Hood. It is just a fun movie.

The Bad: Some parts of the movie were slow and confusing. It takes a second look at the movie to really figure it out. Then there were some weird scenes.

I have to say, I was so ready for this to be a good movie. However, I was not expecting it to surpass the expectations and thoughts I had prior to watching it, and even more surprised when it (in my opinion) surpassed my love for the Kevin Costner Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I was very shocked! This movie by far is ranked as one of my absolute favorite movies, hands down! But that really depends on personal preference. If your someone who likes lower budget movies, long movies, music and singing, and/or this sort of genre, you will like it if not love it.

Movie Snack: Snickerdoodle Cookies and Coke Cola. Rough and Sweet! <3

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  1. I Love it. What a great review! I will have to see the movie now. I wasn't going to because I couldn't imagine anyone but Kevin Costner in the role. I can't remember the year (7o's) but there was another good "robin hood" film with Sean Connery. It was called "Robin & Marian. I bet you'd like that one too. Anyway- Perfect review Shelby! I love it!

  2. This is a great review!!!! Oh I see that Lori said the same thing. You did a wonderful job. I like this part of your blog.
    Also anytime you want to send me snicker doodles please feel free to do so LOL