Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Wolf Little Wolf

So, this week has been kinda bleh. I went to the bank and a woman at the counter saw my father and brother and said to me after they left "Oh your son is so cute!" I was so shocked. How old did she think I was? Like, I get it is the times we live in now, but that is just so ODD! If he was my son, I would have had to have him when I was 13 or so! EWEWEWEWEWEW! 'O.o Aside from that vomit worthy weird experience, I have recently taken on making a Gloomy Bear for a friend of mine (whom I hardly see even though we go to the same school) as well as fixing a class mate's bracelet. She and another classmate of mine tried to fix the magnetic clasp of a bracelet by putting super glue on it, however, they ended up gluing the two magnets together. So I being the odd person I am took the bracelet and tried to get the two magnets apart. Nothing worked. So now I have a few options;

Option A: Run the clasp under water and see if that works.
Option B: Try and pry them apart using tools.
Option C: Combine both A and B.
Option D: Replace it. But that costs money.

I am leaning towards C. Anywho, moving on.

I have had a project on my desk that I have neglected to finish or even take a stab at since I came up with it. But today I did! (o * *)o
A while ago, while I was making my xmas wish list, I came across westernmountain's wonderful wolf ring. Gods, I wanted that thing so bad, but ended up not getting it because my parents had already bought me a laptop. Defiantly not complaining there. But me being the stubborn sort said that if I couldn't have that wolf ring, I'd make my own. So I grabbed my wolf statue and some spare polymer clay and made a mold.

It took me a while to figure out how to do it mostly because the clay refused to come out of it once I shoved it in. But bit by bit I pieced together a wolfy face! It's kinda demented looking, but I like it none the less. He's so odd he needs love!

I am thinking that I am going to be making many different colors (Hint: I'm thinking metalic blue, metalic red, white marble, cream 'n' black, and solid black?) of these and once I get wire, I'll make them into rings! WOOT! I am really enjoying working with polymer clay. There aren't as many limits to it as natural clay (though I like that too.) Well, that's all I have on that for today. Ado <3

P.S. I went out to dinner last night and the restaurant had the most awesome idea of using glass jars for cups, to stick to their country theme. So cute!

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  1. Love the mason mugs. Reminds me of days as a kid when we sat on the porch drinking lemonade. Your wolf turned out great. i can see many color possibilities. Try a little fingernail polish remover and run a razor blade down between the magnets.. Might take the finish off the magnet too depending on what it is made of so try it in an Inconspicuous spot first!