Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rawr Moments

Good Day Everyone (though no one is even following me yet buuuuuuuut whatever.) I woke up early this morning, which was nice considering I was in a very poor sleep mode. My cat was the one who had the brilliant idea to wake me by jumping up on my desk. I tiredly placed her onto my bed and went about my business. But, why, might I ask, does my lard of a cat hog my bed?
Anywho, I escaped into my room after my brother had a fit because I was sitting in a chair. I am sorry, I did not know your name was written on that chair, midget. So after that rawr moment, I sat down at my desk and started to work on something to calm my nerves - and procrastinate from working on my load of Lit. homework - which just so happened to be a new piece of maille. So, I am sitting at my desk with my favorite tutorial site up and running, trying to figure out what style I want to learn. I have been trying to avoid this one style because of how insanely difficult it is and because of how many times I have tried and failed to do it (I lost track at five). So I found a really pretty one and started to work on it. I messed up so I had to take it all apart and start again. I started it and messed up AGAIN. I threw it on my desk and tapped it once, which is how I usually take out my anger on the little chainmail. After I did, I saw that I had made that all to familiar, evil, and allusive weave. DOOM!!! Leave it to me to try and do one thing, make a mistake, and somehow manage to pull something much harder off. It is not done yet but I think I have figured it out...but grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Once that is done I will be sure to show you all -if anyone is even watching because I am pretty much talking to myself for now- but still. See you all later!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Bit

Welcome to my second ever Blog! My first one failed badly, due to me putting a subject on it. Soooooooo...this one obviously will not have an objective! Yayright?! I hope you like what you see!

So a little bit about me, My name is Shelby Nicolae Demona and yes that is my name. My favorite alternate names are "Shelbs," "Shelbymonster," and "Shelbyvonne." (I may, or may not, have made those up for fun hinthint) I don't mind nor care if you just call me Shelby or one of those. I am a seventeen-year-old-crazy who dwells in one of the most amazzzzzzzing states in the Americas, New York. I love the New England states and that is pretty much it. I care not for the government and know very little about it, instead I care for adventure. I would love to travel in the New England states, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Romania, New Zealand, and Japan. I am also an artist of many talents! What do I do? I make Chainmaille, like the medieval armor yes, jewelry, ceramics, and other misc craft projects as well as sketches (mostly werewolves until I perfect humans), and write fan fictions, poems, and random writing pieces. Yes, I make a lot of art! Art is a way of life! It is addicting like the drugs other people my age spend their time doing, but much more healthy. All in all, I am an over decorated and hoodie kinda lass who loves making and collecting art, cute yet bizarre things, adventure, writing, and jewelry.

Well, that is enough about me, I am going to go eat a bagel now and get back to this later! I hope to see something come of blogging in round two! DINGDINGDING!