Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Comeback PT 1

So, lately the world has drained me dry of all my creativity, stamina (if I had any before), and tolerance. I even went so far as to take a mental health day today. One of the things I wanted to do was bring this baby back to life. I don't know how I let my writing and my love for writing slip so far down the hill. However, I do have a bunch of collages stacked up in powerpoint that you may be seeing soon as well as some of my newest creations.

Now, to Prom as I am sure some of you know about. Lemme just say that this class below mine that hosted this dance, well, richer doesn't make you better. The DJ sucked epically, the organization was a bit...odd, and it was just boring all around. Except for the food. The salads and the pasta (which I had) were I think restaurant quality. Which was nice. I also loved wearing my dress again as well as my mother's (My Bead Journey) Bracelet she made for me and another Bracelet made by Lori of Out of the Flames! Can I just say; SPARKLE!

This was some of what I took with me to prom!

On another note, On Easter I received a craft storage box from my parents that is total win and also very inspiring. It looks chunky and like it wouldn't hold everything. However, it does! <3

It has one box in which I have put my stash of findings and beads that I have collected as well as bead bits that I have made. I even put a couple boxes in the biggest row to add some flare as well as organization. The second box holds my stash of polymer clay and the third holds ALL of my tools. This thing is amazing. Sometimes I open it all up now just to look at what I have. LOL Oh and there is a compartment at the top of the box. It is so big it can hold my bead rack, travel cases, and my stash of boxes. However, it is now holding what I have collected so far for my dorm room which I will tell you about soon.

For now, I bid you all Ado! Sorry for my absence YET again. XD