Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starting Again.

Okay, it is SO SO SO time for some major spring cleaning; lifestyle edition! I am so fustrated with the lack of muse and lack of hope in my life right now that I feel like I need a new start (to a certain degree)! So as far as my Blog-baby goes, I shall be changing a couple things around and working on some new entries here and there. I shall be back to posting eventually, for I am quitting my muse killing job and working on a lot of college stuffles (which are somewhat inspiring I think). That is all I have for today, ado!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Irony Fails Sometimes

Okay. Holy shiz. The features are going to have to wait due to lack of inspiration and too much pressure to pump them out right now. Life is going on the weird side lately. I hate my job, but I like it. I hate school, but I like it. I hate drama, but my muse to create is somewhat back. I am restless, but content. IRONY PEOPLE! XD

So for now, I shall leave my features in my notebooks until all of this nonsence is sealed and done. I have decided that I am going to quit my job at the burger shack in May (if this weeks paycheck is what I think it is.) I am going to focus whole heartedly on making it through this until then. It really isn't that hard, but the way it cuts in between me and life really makes it seem hard. Also, I have to watch what I say about my job to my parents because when I vent, I exagerate. They think I am not greatful for the job I have and think I complain too much. My mom is better about it. But that is because she is my venting wall so to speak. I actually respect that wall. XD I am just realizing that this job is NOT a job worth keeping for too long. AND School. Oh school. I am so excited to be rid of you too. I hate being bored and not having inspiration because you are boreing. But enough of that shiz. 

Like I have said, I have been creating things. Collages, Accsessories, and even starting on my Cosplay for next month. It is fustrating though, because I have so MUCH to show and tell you all about, but now that I am working a possible four day week and have projects going on for school, I have little time to actually relax and tell you all about them. That is, unless I find time after working to write.

Frequency of posts will be questionable. They might pick up, they might not. Just know that I haven't forgotten about LBT and you all! Hopefully life will stop conspirring and give me time to breathe and be happy. I'll try to pump out some quick posts every now and then to breathe life into this baby blog, if worse comes to worse. I bid you all ado for tonight! MUCH LOVE ASWELL!

P.S. I feel aweful for not living up to what I had planned as far as double posts and activity have gone. Forgives me? *sad kitty face?*