Friday, December 31, 2010

Red Sky at Night Outfit

"Red Sky at morning, sailors take warning
Red Sky at night, sailors delight"

So I was reading one of my new favorite blogs; Kalamari Kastle, and I came across a post that made me very jealous of the writer. This blog focuses on the Japanese subcultures (mainly Lolita it seems) and things relating to them such as events, stores, and products. But this is one of my most favorite post by them.

Here is is --> Clicku.

This was an event held by the San Fransisco branch of Baby the Stars Shine Bright (a major Lolita brand/store in Japan) for their sub brand Alice and Pirates. Now, I wasn't too big on the Alice and Pirates brand because I was looking more at the sweet lolita things. However, after I saw that post, I HAD and I mean HAD to make a outfit collage for it. Now, I have fallen in love with A&P because of its wonderful Disney themes and general awesomness. However, even with Etsy and Baby sites, it is really hard to find things inspired by your favorite Disneys that arn't tacky, unless your someone who likes Snow White. Personally, my favorites are Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast (and Imma going to have to watch it now, rawr), and Balto. Not easy to find those sometimes (aside from Pirates of the Caribbean, which is sometimes quite easy!) This is what I came up with (sticking to mostly Baby)

Top :: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Skirt :: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes :: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Clover Earrings :: Fanplusfriend
Ring, Tail Bag, Hat, Rings :: Etsy

I like how it looks like it would not be hard to wear yet it still fits the frillyness of the party as seen in the Kalamari Kastle post.

Oh and by the way; HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am looking forward to Chinese Food (which I think I ate too much of...), A Knight's Tale, and staying up doing art or browsing the internets for ideas. My resolutions are;

-Be a better friend to those that matter, and make new friends. I need a change from the fustration of not being able to be the friend I need to be and not finding people worth being friends to, besides the friends I rarely see who do matter to me.
-Make a routine for bloggy things. I have been in and out of my muse and that needs to also change. Also make time to reply to messages that are left to me. <3
-Find more things to do so I am not bored or sad as much as I normally am.
-Be a better daughter.
-Staying away from negativity. It is eating me ALIVE! D:

I hope you all are having a great New Years Eve! Ado!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas at Home

Can I just say, this is one of the best Xmases I have ever had. It was simple and fun, not at all boreing or nausiating. I LOVED my presents! I got:

~A New Laptop which I was not exspecting at all. Wow. Just wow. I love this bugger. It is a nice espresso color and it works like no other. I love it so much I rhymed. LOL!
~Tarot: The Complete Kit wich is a nice, small sized tarot deck to replace my other set.
~Massage Ball
~A Snowflake bracelet from my mom by my mom. Love it!
~Boot Slippers that are furry and adorable.
~A Hot Topic Hoodie
~A Care Package from my grandmother which was so sweet and so nice. Cozzy Black Socks, Fuzzy Gray Socks, and French Vanilla Hot Coco! I love care packages.
~Fuzzy Purple Gloves
~Beauty and the Beast Collecters Edition = LOVE!
~A Chococat Tee, I love Hello Kitty.
~A nice long sleeve shirt.
~Interview with a Vampire

We also went shopping today! I got a new fan for my computer as well as my first Blue Ray DVD because my new lappy has a Blue Ray player. I also bought stuff from Hot Topic;

~Hello Kitty Classic Ring
~Wolf Shaped Ear Muffs
~A Plushie Bat Key Chain
~Dangly Bear Earrings
~Skull Bow Hair Clips

Yepper! I got spoiled! I am a pirate of Xmas (because presents ARRRR fun me harties!) The only bad thing was was that I couldn't make Gloomy Bears for the friends I miss so much. I was going to, but I wouldn't be able to ship them. And I would not have the clay to make them either. Maybe next year. However, my mom loved her gift which was a gift card for Tee Shirts (she has a fetish), some small cabs, and a bead in the shape of one of her favorite animals.

Well, I just wanted to make note of how great this year's holiday was and that I hope you all had a nice Xmas too! Goodnight and Ado!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pack Plate

OHMYGODS this project has defiantly given me a run around. I was told that we needed to do a serving plate for our new project. I decided that I would do a wolf design on the plate. At first, I was going to paint it on, but then my teacher had the idea of carving it out of the plate. It was really friggen hard to do. Personally, I don't know if I like this plate yet. Maybe once it is put into the kiln it will look better. My teacher absolutely despises it (and me.) Here is what it looks like before it goes into the kiln.

I messed up by making it "too deep" and I also messed up when I lightly etched it out. One of the wolves just looked HORRIBLE. Now he looks better, but it is still frustrating.

Well, that's all I have for this post. Ado

Gotta Love Gloomy Bear

Come on, you know you love that little homicidal bear! I do! Though he is often covered with blood he is still all kinds of adorable. That is why I couldn't help but try my hand at polymer clay Gloomy Bears when I saw some on Etsy.

Here are some pictures of Gloomy from Google.

And here are what my polymer Gloomy Bears look like. They are quite crude for Gloomy, but I think they are adorable nonetheless. LOVE THEM! >:D

It would be so awesome if I could do chainmail with these hanging off of it. Well, that's all I have about Gloomy (........................................today). For now, Ado! 

P.S. Remember that online community I was in? Well, I'm back INNNN!!! I am very happy! <3

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Rare Excitement?

I'll be honest, I dislike Xmas with a passion. So it is weird that I have found myself excited for this dreaded holiday. But then again, I will be without the stressful rich side of the family this year, so it will be like the old days almost. Just me, mom, dad, brother, kitty, and grandparents. Gotta love the nostalgia.

 The only thing that could make the human aspect of this holiday better this year would to be able to get together with friends on Xmas Eve. However, I have nothing to throw an amazing party with. So I decided to make an etsy treasury in powerpoint (because etsy doesn't work well on my computer.) I also added a couple pictures on the side to keep up with the party theme. Gods, If only my friends were closer and if I had the drive to meet up with them (due to my low self confidence lately and my hate for the people I see every day.)

Buuuuut then I decided I didn't like it. So I went and added a couple of the pictures to another collage that you'll see soon, if I like it.

Aside from the Xmas stuff, I have been working a lot more with polymer clay. I have to say, it is a lot more fun than the natural clay (only because I don't have my art teacher scolding me all the time maybe.) I recently decided to make a polymer clay Gloomy Bear! It is crude, but adorable non the less. I have to say, whatever was keeping me from doing art is subsiding.

I will be putting up a picture of what my gloomys look like after they are fired. I want to do a couple more colors. So far, I have a blue one.

Well, that's all for today I think. Oh wait, I want coffee. Annnnd my art teacher annoys me. Annnnnd...Okay, now that's it, ado!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frustrations and Updatings!

Ajaksnsdknfdsklfnskldjffkkkkkkakakakak...orz... I haven't been good about posting have I? Well, I could explain but I am trying to make a negativity free zone in my life for the most part. However, I will say that I am really sad with a community that I am (was?) in online has forgotten me in it's move to it's own site and it hurt. I don't know what to do with my characters that I had there and you may see them eventually here. I will also say as far as real life high school class mates and teachers go, my patience is wearing and shaking. But that is about it. I need to fix up some parts in my life. That is all.

 Now enough of that, as far as this baby blog and you all go, I am making a few changes and I need some advice from the more blog experienced souls following me. I need to set some subjects and features for my blog, something that people will want to read if they ever come by this little hole. Here are my ideas...

Art - Come on? You know I love arts and crafts. I am going to try and post more art and collages as well as some new things if I get the chance.
Film - I would love to do film reviews and movie related stuff every couple of weeks. Mainly inspired by one of my favorite blogs; La Vida Frills. She is awesome. Nuff' said.
Pets - I love to talk about animals and animal related things, especially those animals that manage to be our companions.
Fashion and Lifestyle - Festivals, Lolita, LARP, Cosplay, Decora, Wicca, Hot Topic Stuff, Media, Food, and all of those special things that make life fun, and make me want to spend hours researching. I'd want to put those to good use yes?

Any other suggestions? Tips? Problems? HALP?!?!? I want to grow a bit more into this blog, but to do that, I need people to want to read it. I am also going to change up the design a bit, but I don't know what I want it to look like yet...emphasis on yet.

Well, now I feel I must depart for a heaping plate of Chinese food. Ado